ITM helps Your Organization establish or improve  the Proper Security Foundation?

World-class organizations need to allocate resources for the management of information security risks and upholding various industry compliance requirements. 

Whether your organization is a small or midsized business that's growing and needs foundational security programs, or is an established large enterprise and requires security updates to existing programs, ITM certified consultants deliver a wide range of managed security capabilities tailored to your specific needs.


ITM delivers leading cyber incident response services to organizations across the globe. No organization ever wants to have a security breach or security event, however it is likely that most organizations will experience some form of security incident that requires an appropriate level of response.

What is Cyber Incident Response? Why is important?

A defined and managed approach when responding to a breach or attack of an information asset which affects the confidentiality, integrity or availability of

The spectrum of security incidents can vary significantly. At one end of the spectrum, a user may lose their cell phone or laptop containing critical business data, at the other end of the spectrum, a corporate network or service could be compromised by hackers, opportunistic criminals or other organizations resulting in data being stolen. Due to the broad array of incidents, organizations require an adaptable approach that enable them to respond quickly, isolate, and preserve the critical data relating to the incident.

ITM Cyber Incident Response Services

ITM delivers leading cyber incident response services to organizations across the globe. No organization ever wants to have a security breach or security event, however it is likely that most organizations will experience some form of security incident that requires an appropriate level of response.

ITM’s experienced forensic consultants can assist with the following services:

Cyber Incident Response Planning

Intrusion Analysis

Data Recovery Services

Cyber Incident Response Testing

Forensic Expert Witness Services


ITM's Approach:

Where a customer suspects they have been breached or want peace of mind and ensure they have not, ITM’s critical systems assessment service can help answer that question.

ü  Determining the source and full extent of a breach is vital to containing the incident and addressing the root cause.

ü  You need to know how far a hacker has penetrated your organization and systems, and what has been exfiltrated from your environment.

ü  If you suspect systems and sensitive data have been compromised but do not have sufficient evidence to declare an incident, ITM’s critical system- forensic analysis can help confirm if a breach has occurred.

ü  This service allows organizations to proactively look at key systems hosting business sensitive data within their environment.

ITM's Delivery:

Working closely with the customer, ITM will forensically review and analyze systems that host critical data.At the end of the review ITM will produce a full report detailing any occurrences that have been identified and present the results to the customer at an onsite debrief 

Having an incident response policy and plan in place is a crucial first step to ensuring that your organization has the information and processes needed to respond to a security breach. However, most organizations lack the experience and resources to perform Incident Testing, and so can be left vulnerable to any unknown gaps in their plan and procedures. 

Through our desktop exercises, your CIRT is subjected to simulations based on both commodity and targeted threats such as cybercrime – what we see happening in the cyber-world today. The outcome of the testing will show you ways that your systems and network can be breached and countermeasures you can use to combat attempts to penetrate your defences.

ITM will address the critical steps your organization needs to take during an actual security breach that will help you respond to and contain the threat as quickly and as effectively as possible.

ITM has significant experience in incident testing, from running desktop exercises, scenario based workshops with CIRT members through to full ‘Red Team’ live-fire exercises.

ITM takes the time to understand your incident response policy and designs specific exercises to test the required areas. All exercises are observed and recorded by our experienced incident response Consultants so that a comprehensive debrief can be undertaken and suggestions for any necessary remedial actions can be agreed.

ITM have the skills and experience to test against a wide range of scenarios. From white hat hacking attempts through to social engineering, malware infections to critical data loss, we can take advantage of what others may have missed to blend electronic, social and physical security into a converged attack surface.

ITM’s incident response consultants will review your incident response procedures in order to design and conduct plausible simulated exercises, and evaluate your team’s performance.

A post event debrief session is held where we will provide detailed feedback and recommendations for improvement. Desktop exercises are designed to assess your response to both commodity and advanced or targeted threat scenarios. Advanced threats will often have different indicators, tactics and containment requirements than typical incident response methodologies. our real-world experience in responding to these more sophisticated attacks allows us to present scenarios that reflect the actual techniques used by advanced threat actors.

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