At ITM we fully understand and appreciate that Corporate IT security breaches and investigative projects are extremely serious matters that require not only a very high level of due diligence and technical expertise but also complete confidentiality and professional discretion. You can count upon us to ensure that any security work that we are engaged in will always be conducted to the highest
" Your IT Security Problems 100% Solved."  

Penetration testing aka pen-testing or pen test is a process where a tester looks for exploitable vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure that may allow the attacker to subvert, modify and extract information.

Building on our robust Vulnerability Assessments, ITM offers Penetration Testing services performed by industry leading professionals dedicated to white-hat processes and creative exploitation techniques. We use data collected during the Vulnerability Assessment process to fuel active exploits against your at-risk systems.

Our penetration techniques mirror those of a hacker trying to gain access to identify areas and data susceptible to breaches. The services branch from traditional internal and external networks includes wireless, remote access, social engineering, and Web application testing.


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