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NORTEC offers a wide range of IT security services to organizations of all sizes. Our IT security services provide protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. As technology and IT environments continue to evolve at a rapid pace, security risks evolve right alongside them. In today’s climate, you can’t afford to be caught off guard when a security breach occurs. Our security risk assessment process is the best way to root out vulnerabilities in your infrastructure before any damage occurs


cat-icon-end-V-AssessOur security experts are here to put your network to the test and develop a smart risk management plan tailored to your organization. Our team of security experts has been performing security threat assessments since 1999. from small business security protocols to enterprise risk management, we customize each service using security tools developed by our expert engineers. here are some of our specialties

   •  Security Assessment

   •  Vulnerability Assessment

   •  Risk Assessment

   •  Penetration testing

 •  Audit & Compliance

 •  Security Policies

 •  configuration review

 •  And more ...



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Vulnerabilities emerge every day within networks, mobile & web applications and databases. They may occur due to software defects or misconfigurations of information systems. Because they can be exploited by cyber attackers, it is essential to eliminate these exposures to protect your critical IT assets and safeguard sensitive information

even the most robust security protocols are only theories until put to the test. and there are many challenges that come into play when determining which threats to look for — and where to find them.

  • inexperience with identifying vulnerabilities across different technologies and it systems
  • uncertainly in prioritizing risks and potential problems
  • not knowing how to adjust security controls to integrate new technologies
  • lack of understanding regarding achieving and maintaining compliance requirements
  • low perceived value of security investments because of constrained budgets and no immediate return of investment




as security industry veterans, we have years of experience helping organizations understand their risk profile and the steps necessary to become more secure. we can help:

  • if your it organization lacks internal resources or security expertise
  • if your it organization lacks the time or cycles to test
  • if you are looking for third-party validation of your security assumptions

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