Does Your Organization Have the Proper Security Foundation?

World-class organizations need to allocate resources for the management of information security risks and upholding various industry compliance requirements. 

Whether your organization is a small or midsized business that's growing and needs foundational security programs, or is an established large enterprise and requires security updates to existing programs, NORTEC certified consultants deliver a wide range of managed security capabilities tailored to your specific needs.

NORTEC Security Consultant Capabilities Include:

  • Information Security Program Assessment and Development
  • Information Security Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Independent Information Security Assessment
  • Regulatory and Industry Specific Standards for:
    • Compliance Testing
    • Compliance Assessment
    • Compliance Certification
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Our Security Experts On Your Side

Putting security first, experienced and highly credentialed network security consulcat-icon-grctants can help you build a solid foundation for your strategic security programs. They also create governance policies that incorporate known best practices tailored to your organization to meet compliance standards and minimize risks.

Security Strategy Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services

Strategy, Governance and Program development is focused on helping you design a security program based on overall enterprise goals, objectives, mission and risk. Get help assessing your current security program, or developing a strategic security plan that integrates with business strategy and provides measurable results.

Risk Management

NORTEC has consultants who are certified in risk management and can assist an organization in all stages of the information security risk management process from performing a risk assessment to developing an information security management program.

What is a Risk Assessment?

cat-icon-end-V-AssessA risk assessment is designed to conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential cyber threats, security vulnerabilities, likelihood of breach, and organizational impact that constitute the risk to confidential or business critical data. Additionally, expert consultants will seek to provide guidance on which specific risk factors to monitor over time to ensure that different courses of action can be taken if risks have increased to an unacceptable level.

Need to assess your existing network security framework? Need to understand if you are implementing the right security controls? Or do you want to certify yourself against an existing framework? Highly certified consultants can review and perform a security controls assessment against most security frameworks and provide actionable items to address to improve your information security posture.

Compliance Services

At NORTEC, we take a “security-first” approach to compliance and can help you develop an integrated security program that addresses both your security concerns and industry compliance requirements. Our consultants maintain certifications for numerous industries, and are highly experienced staying abreast of changes across various compliance frameworks including PCI and HIPAA. They know where to look for compliance gaps with applicable mandates and recommend remediation steps to remediate those gaps.

PCI Compliance Services

Looking for assistance with PCI compliance? Our consultants are Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) and can complete compliance testing and assessments for your organization to meet certification requirements. If breached, we can help as PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI).

HIPAA Compliance Services

Ask about our extensive experience working with healthcare providers to help improve security and compliance postures while reducing costs and addressing HIPAA standards.

Cloud Security Services

As a leading provider of information security strategy, Dell SecureWorks can help you with assessing your cloud service provider or other 3rd party vendors. Additionally we can review and discuss how you define a strategy and manage the use of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for your organization. Get assistance in formulating and communicating a vision for the Cloud at an enterprise level.

Cloud Security Risk Management

NORTEC will assist with establishing a strategic direction for gaining the benefits of the Cloud while minimizing risk and improving security. We will help you understand the ramifications of Cloud adoption on your information security program and policies and integrate Cloud controls into your overall security program.

Meet Compliance, Minimize Risks, Protect Critical Assets

NORTEC information security experts work with your organization to determine how to implement the most effective and appropriate safeguards to protect the physical and electronic storage of restricted data. Additionally, our security experts understand the numerous compliance rules and always follow best practices and relevant regulatory requirements when working to build a strong security program.


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