Several security layers exist because no one layer can provide all the security measures itself. IDS is one of many complementary layers of IT security technology.  IDS does several things that basic firewalls, for instance, cannot do such as identifying  anomalous packet content or patterns of traffic that are different from normal for any particular company’s network, identifying patterns, called signatures, of malicious content within packets coming into or leaving a company’s network and identifying changes in the security health or “state” of corporate servers.

ICONS-IDS-4your business benefit of adapting IDS/IPS is reducing the chance of missing security threats which could compromise confidentiality, integrity, privacy, or availability of mission critical assets and processes.

The (RTO) Return On Investment calculation for IDS/IPS is predicated upon management identifying mission critical elements, the estimated financial loss associated with a security risk developing into a real life security event, and then comparing the lifecycle cost of IDS against the estimated financial loss associated with a breach.

Leveraging our valuable partnerships with security leaders such as intel/McAfee, HP, Cisco, IBM, Tripwire and others and the broad array of available tools will allow you to select those that are most pertinent to your environment and deploy them in a manner that will deliver optimal results


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