If you are like most small business owners and executives, planning a move can take a tremendous amount of your time, energy and effort.  Relocation can be both a daunting task and an opportunity to totally overhaul a company's communication network. Most often, our customers' ability to do business on a daily basis depends entirely on their IT Network and Phone System.

  • Planning and implementing a seamless transition to new offices requires effectively coordinating a great many tasks and vendors.
  • Phone and Internet connections can be a costly expense and a challenge to have installed correctly and on time.
  • Our customers must continue to maintain the quality of their own daily operations.
  • Even one day of downtime can mean lost revenues to a small or mid-sized business.
  • Details may be overlooked or poorly coordinated leaving an unorganized, undocumented mess, difficult to manage in the future.

Our relocation management services grew out of our focus on communication technologies. In our role as IT Network planners, builders and managers, we take the relocation of a communications network very seriously. The process begins by gaining an in depth understanding over their short and long term goals and the way in which they use technology to conduct business. We use this knowledge to align each technology into a plan that best fits their schedule, budget and overall requirements.

We focus on four primary areas to ensure our customers can effectively communicate in their new offices:


  • We tackle this first because implementation requires the greatest lead time.
  • We assess current use at the existing location.
  • We research the telecommunications circuit options available at the new location.
  • Working with the customer, we select most appropriate communication circuits for their business.
  • We use the time before a move to make sure that the most appropriate and cost effective solution is selected and manage the vendors to deliver them successfully.

Cable Infrastructure

The expansion of a business’s offices and the build-out of a new space can be a very challenging time. There are a great many moving pieces to a these complex projects and it is imperative that the planning consider effectively supporting the space indefinitely. Appropriate planning with a focus on building the most cost effective solution is essential. At US Livenet, we assist our customers with the planning and build-out of their cable infrastructure. Drawing from our considerable experience designing and maintaining voice and data networks, our customers benefit from a team that is dedicated to formulating a solution that is functional, scalable and cost effective.

  • We work with our customers to plan and provide the most efficient and scalable cable infrastructure possible.
  • All of an office's computers, phones, faxes, printers, network copiers and communications circuits must be integrated properly in a central voice/data 'wall field' to deliver connectivity and allow for easy adds, moves and changes in the future.
  • We pay attention to documentation and communication room security and ventilation


The ability to pick up the phone and reliably communicate with staff, customers and suppliers is imperative to being able to run a business. But with the convergence of IP technology on telephony it is difficult to know what products and services would be the best fit in practice. With no absolute allegiance to any one telephony hardware manufacturer, we take a consultative approach to determining what telephone solution will provide the most effective functionality and scalability for your business.

  • For customers keeping their current service, we work with the existing phone vendor to schedule and budget the relocation of the phone switch.
  • For those customers moving to newer phone systems, we help them evaluate which telephony systems will work best for them

IT Network

  • We document, backup and plan for the move
  • We dismantle and reconfigure the network, including all devices and software in the existing space and those required in the new environment.

Additional services

We recognize that relocating an office is a constantly changing process: timelines and budgets must be monitored daily, vendors and contractors must be managed and held accountable, internal staff must be advised on their responsibilities and documentation for the new space must be created to effectively fix and manage these technologies when necessary.

These tasks are often ones that our customers are relieved to find we can manage for them.

Often, we also take on the responsibilities of selecting and coordinating the efforts of the physical moving company, reserving freight elevator access, determining power and air requirements, and even coordinating communication between the architect, realtor and contractor.


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