ITM offers a wide range of managed IT security services to organizations of all sizes. Our IT security services provide protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. 


Our services provide key controls for regulations including




PCI and ISO 27001/27002.

ITM provides managed IT security services to customers of all sizes. Our customers rely on us to have certified, expert analysts on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They expect us to be constantly improving our (and their) security posture – and they expect it to be in real time, not in the form of cumbersome patches and software updates.

They expect our security team to be at the cutting edge of threat research and countermeasure development. They expect us to be aware of the latest developments in the regulatory environment. They expect us to be developing new technology for our infrastructure and theirs, to address new threats and drive efficiency.



Our customers range from fortune 500 companies with large security teams to organiz ations with no full-time security staff and they require flexibility to best support their needs from complementing their existing security staff, monitoring devices, alerting if necessary to reporting and management to actively manage their entire security environment: configuration, deployment and response.

Our Managed IT Security Services include:

   Managed IPS / IDS

Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring of network Intrusion Prevention or Detection Systems.

   Firewall Management

Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring of Firewall appliances.

   Managed Web Application


Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring Web Application Firewalls.

   Log Monitoring

24x7 real-time analysis of logs and alerts from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other key assets by certified security experts.

   Log Retention

Collection, archival, search and reporting of raw log data from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other log sources.

  Vulnerability Management

Internal and external vulnerability scanning managed by security experts to identify and remediate exposures.

  Web Application Scanning

Scanning of Web applications to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

  Web Security Service

URL filtering, Web content filtering and Web policy enforcement to protect against inbound and outbound Web-borne threats.

  Security and Risk Consulting

 Expertise, processes and services to help you improve security, comply with regulations and manage risk.


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